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Are baby sleep pods and nests safe?

Sleep pods, nests, whatever you want to call them. There seems to be lots of different brands out there these days, I even saw Aldi had jumped on the bandwagon with its own one recently!

This isn’t a blog to shame anyone that has or is currently using one, I myself have used them, but I wasn’t 100% clear on the safety implications at the time, so thought this might be a useful post for anyone thinking about parting with their hard earned money on one!

What are sleep pods/nests?

They are a softer type of sleep surface with raised or cushioned parts around the edge, often used instead of, or in addition to a mattress.

But where ever you choose to get one from and however much you choose to spend, there is no British Standard in place like there is for mattresses for pods and nests and so they are unfortunately not approved for safe sleep.

Safe sleep

For safe sleep, babies shouldn’t lie on or have anything soft around them, especially near their heads. Doing so increases the risk of overheating or covering the nose and mouth if squished against it and in turn, increases the risk of SIDS. For more info on safety of baby products check out @lullabytrust.

If you’re using one and not sure how to get rid of it don’t panic

I’ve had clients successfully just get rid of it cold turkey, so worth a try.

If not, like with a lot of things, you could try getting rid of it at the easiest nap of the day first and take it from there, accepting they might need more comfort from you to get to sleep initially.

If you’d like some support with your little ones sleep, please do check out my sleep support packages, or hop on your free 15 minute introductory call. Or in the meantime, head over to my Instagram page for all my latest free help and tips.

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