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Newborn Baby


If you can't find the answer to the question you're looking for, then please do get in touch, I'll be more than happy to help.

What are your qualifications?


I'm certified as a Holistic Sleep Coach at degree level (level 6) through the Open College Network -  the largest vocational awarding body in the UK. The training was delivered by internationally renowned speakers in the field of infant care, including; a doctor, dietician, IBCLC, pediatrician, occupational therapist, allergy specialist and many more. The course provides continuing professional education following qualification, enabling me to further my knowledge and improve my practice.

What's a holistic approach?


Taking a holistic approach to your family's current sleep situation, means taking a family centered approach. This means I'll look at your child's current sleep situation in the context of everything that's going on within your family dynamic. You're the expert on your child and any changes you choose to implement will be ones you're fully invested in and believe are in the best interest of your child. We'll work with your child's biology and developmental stage on gentle, safe, evidence-based sleep solutions to help your whole family get more sleep.  

Can we cover more than one child in a Full Consultation?


If your children were from the same multiple birth, we can tackle their sleep together. If you'd like my help to address more than one child’s sleep, we can definitely do that. You'll need to complete separate sleep diaries and have a consultation for each additional child as the approach will be different. Please allow £40 on top of the package price you choose for each additional child.

How do I know which package to go for?


You can find all the information you need on prices and packages HERE. If you're not sure which package to go for, please jump on your free 15 minute call and we can go over the different options available. Please note, if I think I can help you in a Troubleshooting Call, I won't suggest a Full Consultation. Equally, if you've asked for a Troubleshooting Call, but it's clear to me from your sleep diary your sleep situation is going to require more time and aftercare, I'll recommend you go for a Full Consultation. However, you're in charge and the decision is ultimately all yours.

Will my baby cry?


As a gentle sleep consultant I don’t use any controlled crying, cry-it-out, or other intensive crying to sleep techniques as part of any sleep strategies that may be used. Having said this, when given a different sleep strategy than they've been used to up to now, some children may cry - though this will never be alone as part of any new strategy. Please take a read of my blog to find out more on why I don't use any unresponsive methods as part of my sleep solutions.

What happens during and after the consultation process?

If you're anything like me, you like to know what it is you're paying for and how it'll all work. Depending on what package you choose will dictate the process, but if you're opting for my highest level of support with the Full Consultation Plus:


  • After the free 15 minute introductory call, if you decide you want to work together I'll send you a sleep diary and questionnaire to complete. I know you're busy and tired, so it's easy to fill out and designed to be dipped in and out of and all saves automatically.

  • Once this is complete, you can arrange your full consultation video or phone call at a time that is convenient for you. In this call we can go over the information from your diary and start to map out an approach to your unique situation and your child's sleep you're comfortable with.

  • I'll take everything we've discussed on the call and tailor it into a personalised Sleep Support Plan for you. It will detail everything discussed in the consultation and include a description of any gentle sleep solutions you've decided to try, plus links to any other sleep handouts I think will be helpful in your situation. 

  • Over the next four weeks you can arrange 2x 30 minute calls with me and have access to email and text support.


Hopefully this should be all you need. If you find yourself needing my support further down the line, maybe even in a few years time, you can always sign up for my Follow-On Support package. Information can be found HERE.

What happens if my child becomes ill while I'm trying to implement some changes?

If any changes you decide to implement are interrupted by your little one becoming poorly, having teething pain, or going through a big developmental leap, we can pause your support if needed and pick up where we left off when your baby is better. I have a handout on what to do if you find yourself in this situation I will send along with your Sleep Support Plan.

How long will it take until my whole family is getting more sleep?


My hope is that you'll start to feel more rested and reassured from the moment we speak on the 15 minute free introductory call. Every child is different and each family situation will be unique. Implementing some quick wins and simple changes should mean you all start to get more sleep fairly quickly. Any sleep strategies you decide to work on may take longer to implement in seeing an improvement in your child’s sleep, but I will always discuss timescales of the various options available to you before we start working on anything together.

Are there any guarantees it will work?

I wish there was. Unfortunately not many things in life are guaranteed. I wish I could say your child will resolve any current sleep problems after we work together, but I don't want to make you any false promises. What I can guarantee is that you will feel more empowered and in control of your family’s sleep situation. You will feel more educated and understanding of what your child is going through when you are attuned to what is biologically normal in relation to their developmental stage and sleep. As a result you will feel more rested and ready to face any future sleep challenges head on.

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