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More sleep for the whole family

My Story

About Me

Amy Roberts, Certified Baby & Infant Sleep Consultant


I have a Level 6 (degree level) accreditation from OCN as a Holistic Sleep Coach - the highest level training available in truly gentle sleep support. 

I'm passionate about normalising infant sleep to help parents feel more educated and empowered and ultimately achieve more sleep for the whole family.

Why Naturopathy
Proud Big Sister

How I Can Help

My gentle, holistic, evidence-based sleep support - available to families with a newborn, baby, toddler, pre-schooler and beyond - can be provided via online consultation worldwide. I'm based in Norwich, Norfolk and can provide home visits - if location permits.


Frequent night waking?

I'll look holistically at what's happening over a 24 hour period to help improve your nights and support you with any gentle, age appropriate sleep solutions.


Baby won't nap?

I'll help you learn to recognise your baby's unique cues to optimise nap timings and debunk some myths on naps to help alleviate any anxiety.


Bedtime battles?

I'll work with you to get rid of any bed dread and support you with strategies to implement both in the day and at bedtime to make it less of a battle ground.


Early Rising?

When it comes to mornings, there's early and there's early. I'll work with you to help fine-tune your child's body clock to make seeing 5am regularly a thing of the past.


You want to night wean?

However you choose to feed your child and for however long, if you're ready and it's developmentally appropriate, I can support with some gentle strategies.


You feel exhausted?

I get it. That's why I always address your family's sleep as a whole. I'll help with any sleep issues you're having, regardless of how your child is sleeping. 


You just need some support?

Being a parent is hard work and modern living means we've less support than ever. I'm here to help you through the journey alongside any sleep support you choose.

What Others  Thought

Some kind words from previous clients.

“Amy works in a really holistic and gentle way, which was perfect for our family. Our sleep situation had become unsustainable and we were all suffering from it. Amy listens with great empathy and was able to explain why we were experiencing some of the issues in a really clear way.


It certainly was not a one-size-fits-all approach as she suggested different options to help us decide what would work best for our family. Our daughter is now napping at a better time, no longer needs to be fed to sleep and can be settled by daddy when she wakes in the night.


Sleep is so vital to our wellbeing, so if you’re struggling with it, you definitely won’t regret contacting Amy - she really does know her sleep stuff.”

Victoria & James Wortley

Sleeping Baby

Sleep Packages

My packages are designed to help families from pregnancy through to childhood, with whatever sleep situation you're facing. All sleep support plans are bespoke to the individual family.


Parenting Support and Sleep Education

Prenatal support, or help during the ‘fourth trimester’ 

Education on 'normal' infant sleep, feeding and behaviour in the first 12 weeks. A chance to discuss strategies to optimise everyone's sleep during this time.  


Full Consultation

For those who need my full support

Whatever current sleep situation you're facing, this is my most comprehensive package for those who need my full support while implementing changes.


Full Consultation Plus

For those who need my full support and enhanced aftercare

This package includes all of the benefits of the Full Consultation with enhanced aftercare for those who would benefit from my support for longer.


Troubleshooting Call

For quicker questions

These troubleshooting calls are for quick questions, or general guidance for easier sleep problems.


Follow-On Support

For previous clients

If you signed up for sleep support with me previously and are now in need of extra help to guide you through a sleep bump in the road - this package is for you.


Start your journey to more sleep for the whole family

Contact me to book your free 15 minute call.

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Contact Details

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or social media, or jump on your free, no obligation 15 minute intro call

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