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Naps and nursery

I remember being super apprehensive about naps when my eldest first went to nursery.

  • What if they don’t put him down for a nap at his usual time?

  • How will they get him to nap if I’m not there?

  • What happens if he doesn’t manage to nap at all, how will he cope?

These are all reasonable things to worry about, but they can drive you a bit nuts!

Luckily most little ones are super adaptive when it comes to nursery, and even if you’ve been getting them down in a very specific way for naps with you, they will usually adjust to their new routine with someone else.

Sure, it might take a bit of time and maybe result in a few unsettled nights initially, but it’s a big transition for little ones with a lot to take in, so give it some time.

Prioritise reconnection

I always think of it like an adult starting a new job. You often lay down for bed in those first few weeks your head still buzzing as you take everything in.

So try and put all that anxiety about naps into prioritising some quality time and love bombing when you pick them up to fill their love cup back up when you’re together again incase the change brings on a little bit of separation anxiety.

Talk to your nursery

Don’t be afraid to talk to your nursery. You won’t be the first or the last apprehensive parent and hopefully you can work together to find a happy medium if naps are a struggle.

Maybe they’ll let you bring in one of their favourite things to snuggle for example.

Remember, they may be more tired on nursery days especially if they haven’t napped, so adjust bedtime accordingly. Sticking to your same calm reassuring bedtime routine is preferable, but maybe it just needs to be a bit shorter!

If you’d like some support with your little ones sleep, please do check out my sleep support packages, or hop on your free 15 minute introductory call. Or in the meantime, head over to my Instagram page for all my latest free help and tips.

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